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I feel so incredibly lucky to get to know my clients and their families in such a personal way, to help tell your story in it's little moments -- the way you hold each other during your first dance, your smile as you move a strand of hair out of your partners face, your laugh when they whisper something funny in your ear.

The big moments are important in the story telling of your day, but don’t forget the little ones. They truly set the tone and are the magic that makes your wedding photos uniquely yours.

Being able to capture some of the most impactful moments of your lives, is a true dream come true. I feel so very aligned in doing this work, that I’m where I should be, doing what I should be. From start to finish with each couple, after delivering their final album, I feel like I’ve gained two more friends for life. Being here, being a part of it all, leaves my heart so full.

Audrey + Virgilio

couples photography

Alisha + Keenan

Wedding photography

Daisy + Matthew

couples photography

Michaela + Michael

wedding photography

“I can’t brag enough how well our photos came out and how comfortable she made us in front of the camera!”

Kasey & Zach 

“She was an absolute delight to work with, and captured the exact vibe I was looking for.”

Megan & Jake

“Kirsten has a calming aura around her and it spreads and gives the perfect atmosphere for a wedding day.”

Rochelle & Sean

Kelsey + John

wedding photography

Emma + Dylan

couples photography

Jessica + Stephen

couples photography

Erin +Matt

couples photography

Julie + Eric

wedding photography

Sarah + Ethan

couples photography

Jenna + Mike

wedding photography

Stephanie + Ed

Wedding Photography

Dana + Mike

wedding photography

Cimbria + Alex

Couples photography

Johanna + Jon

Couples photography

Kaitlyn & Nick

wedding photography

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I love working with other creatives, and being able to provide them with branding photos that speak to their audience, convey their message and tell the story of their work behind the scenes.

Aligning myself and ideas with like minded creatives is one of the best parts of being a photographer. Are you a model, florist, designer, planner and have an epic idea you want to bring to life? Let’s do it!

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