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photographer, artist, dreamer

I will be the first to say, I have a hard time talking about myself, I’d much rather show you. I’m a visual person, a lover of chasing light and embracing the shadows. I love art in all its forms, and it’s a favorite tradition of mine to spend my birthday roaming around an art museum with my husband. I live here in little Rhode Island, (but I will go anywhere you’re willing to take me along on the ride for!) with my husband Rob and our “lil loaf of bread” corgi pup Chaice. I am thankful every single day that I am able to do life with them.

A photography experience

I’m a quiet person, an observer, a true introvert at heart. I look for the moments you may not notice and photograph with intention. I have been in the wedding industry for quite a while now, spending 7+ years working as a floral designer, in house photographer and director of media. Because of this, my attention to detail is something I love to utilize when photographing (I also love being able to offer advice to my couples in other aspects of their wedding planning, and point them in the direction of fellow vendors to make up their dream team!)

My mind is constantly going, waiting for the next creative idea to pop in my head. I see art in everything, the light dappled through the trees, wildflowers exploding on the side of the road in summer, early morning sunrise after fresh fallen snow. I am heavily inspired by cinema and editorial magazine vibes, and love to bring these feelings into my work. 

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My Favorite Things

films that make you feel

Oat milk lattes

Chilly fall mornings on the couch with a good book

Sunday afternoons and a good record playing

Long walks through the aisles of Target

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